Step by step instructional video for your Tyre Letter installation.

TW Install Guide P.jpg

Wall installation guide.

  • NOTE: Our warranty does not cover improperly installed product
    or exposure to unauthorised chemicals.

  • Follow ALL directions carefully

  • All kit materials and tyres must be dry and kept in a climate no colder than 18 degrees for a minimum of one hour before installation.

  • Clean tyre sidewall with a strong degreaser, (no petroleum, citrus) and rub dry.
    Up to 5 applications of cleaner and scrubbing are required. Next, scuff the surface with 100 grip sand paper. Then wipe down the tyre sidewall AND THE STRIPE with isopropyl alcohol. DO NOT SKIP ANY OF THESE STEPS.

  • It is not required, but often, removing the wheel from the vehicle and laying it flat will aid in the installation.

  • Find a line on the tyre to follow with the stripe. (Note: Thin stripes or redlines should be near the middle of the tyre or closer to the rim not on the outside edge). One inch colour walls or greater should go right against the rim or rim protector bead.

  • Begin gluing the stripe down by applying glue 4-6 inches at a time and smoothing down along the path you are following. Moderate the glue so that it does not squeeze out
    and run.

  • Continue this process until you reach the final 6-10 inches of the stripe. At that time, smooth out the remaining length without glue until reaching the other end of the stripe. Use a shape blade such as a box cutter to trim the length perfectly to match the other side. Apply final glue and smooth the ends together.

  • Check for any loose areas or areas with insufficient glue and touch up as necessary.

  • Glue will set in as little as 5-10 seconds.

  • Let tyres sit for one hour at temperature for proper adhesion.

  • After installation, a shakedown run of around 25km at highway speeds is needed.
    Check for any loose areas and do a final touch-up.

  • Our patented rubber material will stay white for years. Scrub letters with a nylon bristle and detergent.
    DO NOT USE BLEACH. DO NOT USE TYRE SHINE. It can stain the letters.

  • See the install videos on the “How To” page of our website.